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LATAK Accreditation

The main goals of the SP Forensic Department quality politics are to have an effective management system and a continuous perfection corresponding to the Standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025 ‘’General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories’’ requirements, with the purpose to further accuracy, fidelity and transparent working process in SP Forensic Department.

By the end of 2018, there was a yearly monitoring audit lead by Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (further on- LATAK) in SP Forensic Department, in the fields of DNS identification and dactyloscopic identification and as a result, the accreditation in the non-elastic sphere in the SP FD was maintained.

The auditors form LATAK admitted that, the quality management system is well maintained and is continuously perfected corresponding to the Standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025.

At this moment, SP FD provides the further mentioned expertises (accredited):
- examination of cold weapons;
- weapon identification, examination of shooting traces and conditions;
- weapon and their ammunition diagnostics;
- person identification by the linguistic traits signs/features of their speech;
- examination of sound recordings and hardware sound recording equipment, and person
identification by the accoustic parameters of their voice;
- accounting expertise;
- person identification by the traits of their looks;
- examination of drugs and psychotropic substances;
- examination of pyrotechnic articles, explosives and the chemical products of the explosives;
- examination of alcohol and spirits;
- odorology expertise;
- explosive- technical expertise;
- examination of trasology blood traces;
- fire- technical examination;
- determination of a humans biological material DNS genotype;
- dactyloscopic identification;
- papilla line visualization;
- document- technical examination;
- examination of document materials;
- information technology examination;
- examination of metals and alloys;
- examination of oil products and inflammable liquids;
- examination of fibre materials and animal hairs;
- chemical examination of shooting traces;
- examination of handwriting and signature;
- examination of homoscopic traces;
- examination of mehanoscopic traces.

In 2019 SP FD are planning to transition to the Standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and the employees of the Quality management unit have already attended training organized by LATAK, to ensure this transition.


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