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Start of a New Project "Making of Forensic Department Expertise Laboratory System (ELIS)"

State Police of Ministry of Internal Affairs in collaboration with the Information Centre of Ministry of Internal Affairs consistent with settlement concluded on 22nd of February 2019, No. VP/IDF/2018/6, are implementing European Union Internal Safety Funds (further on- Fund) 2014-2020 National programme activities from 25th of February 2019 until 31st of January 2021 within ‘’Strengthening Capacity of the Forensic Department’’ a project ‘’ Making of Forensic Department Expertise Laboratory System (ELIS)’’. Number of the project No.VP/IDF/2018/6.

The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Forensic Department, by providing the execution of the direct assignments in digital environment, developing and implementing up-to-date, qualitative and safe Expertise Laboratory System (ELIS).

The new Expertise Laboratory system will allow to digitize and improve the process of preparing the experts report, by raising the quality of traceability of information, as well as, it will allow to improve saving the case materials, results and other documents in one, unite platform. It is anticipated that ELIS will be integrated in a unite ‘’eLietas’’ platform, that would contribute the flow of the information between the modules of the platform.

The costs of the Project are a total of 517 000 EUR, that consists of the Funds funding in the amount of 387 00 EUR and national co-financing in the amount of 129 250 EUR.

bilde  European Union
 Internal Safety Funds

The coordinator of the project: Olga Sersnova
phone: 67208273


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