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Study visit to National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) of Finland

From October 11 till October 13, 2011 State Police Forensic Service Department delegation composed of 11 officers - Deputy director, Chief of Quality Management Unit, Chief of Questioned document expertise Unit, experts of Chemistry examinations Unit, experts of Firearms, Toolmarks and Fingerprint examinations unit, expert of Odorology examinations unit and Senior official of State police Material Assets Unit visited the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) of Finland.

Study visit was organized and financed by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme "Public Administration" approved project. Purpose of the visit - to get acquainted with the NBI office operations, quality management system implementation, methods and equipment for fingerprint examination, chemical expertise, toolmarks, ballistics, document and handwriting analysis, odorology, explosives research, as well as logistical organization.

During the visit, the State police Forensic Service Department representatives met with the National Criminal Police Office management experts and industry experts, which were introduced to the conduct of examinations in the office and the application of quality system in the work of experts.

Exchange of experiences during the journey has been formed in cooperation between the State police Administration and the Finnish forensic experts. The decision was made to take over NBI research facilities registration procedures, expertise in design procedures, together with the Finnish experts in chemistry and odorology areas to cooperate with the organization of interlaboratory tests in various fields.

Study visit to NBI


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