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State Police Forensic Service Department implements project aimed to introduce ISO/IEC 17020 standard in crime scene investigation

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In April 2013 State Police Forensic Service Department under framework of EU program „Prevention of and Fight against Crime” launched implementation of project “Implementation of ISO/IEC 17020 in Crime Scene Investigation Process to Develop Common Practices for Evidence Gathering in Cross-border Context”. Funds allocated from EU are EUR 510 097.30, which is 90% of total project budget. Project partners are Forensic Unit of Stockholm County Police and Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

projekts ar ISO/IEC 17020 standartu

Project objectives

Main objective of project is to implement quality management system according to ISO/IEC 17020 standard and training of experts as well as increase awareness among crime scene experts regarding their role in joint investigation teams, where gathering of evidences has to be performed to ensure their admissibility in court proceedings taking place in other countries. Project is being implemented to avoid situations in which evidences gathered in one country are not being recognized as admissible due to non-compliance with standards established in other country.
During project external audits will take place to identify necessary improvements in existing procedures to reach compliance with ISO/IEC 17020 standard. Preventive and corrective measures will be defined as well as implementation of these measures will be started.

Project activities

During project implementation via cooperation of crime scene experts from Latvian State Police, Estonian State police and Stockholm County Police following activities will be implemented:
• external audits;
• two study visits;
• meeting and workshop for experts from Baltic countries;
• seminars and trainings for crime scene experts on quality management system and ISO/IEC 17020 standard, training for experts, who will ensure compliance with quality system requirements, seminars and trainings on significance of above mentioned quality standard, changes applied to crime scene investigation process and chain of custody;
• development of instructions and manual for experts;
• development of Crime Scene Investigation Management System.

Project will be implemented within 24 months and will finish in April 2015
ProjectNo. HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/FP/C1/4000003845

Additional information on project

Mr. RaimondsKokarevics, Project Director:
phone: +37167208581

Download Booklet ("PDF")

projekts ar ISO/IEC 17020 standartu projekts ar ISO/IEC 17020 standartu projekts ar ISO/IEC 17020 standartu projekts ar ISO/IEC 17020 standartu


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