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Minister of Internal Affairs Comes to Visit State Police Forensic Department

On Friday, 1st of March, Sandis Ģirģens, minister of Internal Affairs, visited State Police Forensic Department, to get acquainted with the situation in the department, to meet the employees and to evaluate the working environment of the personnel and their capacity.

"I can see that the projects, that have been started, have to be continued, also, I want to stress that some topics have to be updated, for example, for example, the education programme of court experts to the work positions needed", said the minister. The minister acknowledged the projects that already have been developed, for example, in the shooting range, but in some positions small improvements have to be done, that would give the employees better working conditions.

Also, when meeting the employees and the governing body of the department, it was concluded that, the queue to the expertise has to be shortened. The governing body of the department deals with this question with diverse regulations, that make the job of the expert easier in the department and on the place of the crime.

The meeting went by positively, the minister saw the conditions of the premises of the department, and also, by meeting the employees, the main lines were drawn for the development of the department, to better the quality of work efficiency.

The minister frequently has meetings in various structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to get to know the situation in the field as best as possible and to keep in contact with the employees.

The minister Sandis Ģirģens showed his gratitude towards the employees of the Forensic Department for their enthusiasm and the work they have done in order to develop and make the field stronger.


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